Private Training

At the current time PNTC Offers Basic Private Lessons & Advanced Private Lessons In A Variety of Disciplines

- Basic private training is $150 per hour with a three hour minimum (A Maximum of two people may attend private training for one fee!) 

- Advanced private training is $200 per hour with a three hour minimum  (A Maximum of two people may attend private training for one fee!) 

PNTC's various instructors have significant world class experience in the below disciplines. Based on your situation, we'll select the right instructor/s and ranges to meet your needs. 

- Basic Private Lessons Include:

                  - Basic Handgun, Basic Rifle, Basic Shotgun

                  - Defensive Handgun 

                  - Basic Long Range Rifle 

                  - Basic Competition (Handgun, Rifle or Multigun)


- Advanced Private Lessons Include:

                 - Advanced Competition Handgun 

                 - Advanced Defensive Handgun

                  - Advanced Long Range Rifle

                  - Advanced Competition Long Range Rifle


Please contact Brian Fauver to schedule a time for your lesson.

Call 304-229-4867 or