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Defensive Handgun Level 3  Sat Aug 20th 9AM-3PM 


Course Overview

Defensive Handgun Level 3 is for experienced and safe handgun shooters. This course is heavily weighted in skills associated with shooting and moving and focuses on significant drills designed to teach advanced skills, which may be used in a defensive situations. You’ll receive instruction from PNTC, NRA, MIL and/or Law Enforcement instructors. Here are some of the course training components:

– Safety review and instruction

– Movement and shooting while moving

– Positional shooting and advanced use of cover

– Shooting from and around vehicles

– Close quarters instruction

– Reloading and malfunctions 

– Longer range defensive handgun techniques 

– Simulated attacks and responses

– Attacker videos, discussion and techniques

– Small group breakout sessions and training

You should fully expect this course challenge your views forever on personal protection and greatly enhance your defensive shooting skills.



  1. Meet ONE or MORE of the Following Criteria
    • Previously passed Defensive Handgun Level 1, CCW, Basic Handgun Courses or equivalent courses from other qualified instructors or institutions. YOU MUST be able to SAFELY draw and holster a handgun.
    • This course is also ideal for qualified Law Enforcement or former Law Enforcement, qualified  Military or former Military with handgun training OR for those who have participated in IDPA, USPSA, 3Gun, 2Gun or NRA Action Pistol competitions
  2.  By registering for this course, student accepts all of the following:
    • Student agrees that all information taught will be used for defensive purposes, only
    • Student MUST have solid, safe handgun marksmanship skills. Student must also accept that this course will not cover in great detail handgun marksmanship basics
    • Student accepts that upon enrolling, PNTC reserves the right to remove students without refund for unsafe, rude or unusual behavior or in the event that students are unable to reasonably carry- out training and or live fire
    • Students MUST agree to sign a PNTC waiver prior to the beginnig of class. We will have waivers at our Headquarters building. You may also download our waiver from our website or call and request a waiver ahead of time.
    • No persons under the age of 21 will be permitted to attend this course



PNTC Members $250

Non-Members $275 

PNTC Training Members $0 

No rentals – Students must have their own firearm, and gear, as stated below

Equipment & Ammo Requirements

 All students are required to bring the following:

A CASED semi-automatic firearm (or revolver)



NO shoulder or appendix holsters for this class please

3 or more properly working magazines

Caliber should be .380 or above (PNTC recommends 9mm, 40S&W or 45ACP)

150 rounds of high quality target ammunition

Pen and Paper for notes, if desired

Hearing Protection

Baseball cap

Protective eye wear

Range bag


Please ensure that your firearm is UNLOADED and cased prior to arriving at PNTC. Please leave your training firearm cased and in your vehicle upon arrival. We will tell you when it’s time to get your firearm.

Please do not bring a “concealed carry” firearm into the training room.  No ammunition or loaded firearms of any kind are permitted in the training room.

Peacemaker Staff/Instructors reserve the right to the determination of the successful or unsuccessful completion of the course of the individual student based on, but not limited to, safety, attitude and/or overall skill development. Peacemaker also reserves the right to remove any student for any safety purposes, or highly unusual or disruptive behavior, with or without refund based on Peacemaker’s sole determination. 



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