When we built Peacemaker, we had several key goals in mind. No goal was bigger than building a facility and a staff where we would affordably and properly train the responsible citizen in virtually every area of legal firearms use from beginner through expert.


In designing our comprehensive training curriculum over the past two years, we recognized that there are many trainers in many shooting disciplines with different styles, approaches, costs and locations. We also recognized that other groups like NRA and Gunsite, have been at the foundation of firearms instruction for a long time in many training disciplines.


At Peacemaker, our training respects the proven approaches taken by others, yet is extremely diverse and incorporates our unique style and approach to teaching. You’ll immediately notice that we offer courses in virtually every area of firearms use, including:


  • Personal Defense
  • Competition
  • Shotgun Sports
  • Basic Marksmanship
  • Long Range
  • Ladies Training
  • Private Lessons


Supporting this comprehensive training catalog is an automated registration system, premier ranges, appropriate rental firearms, digital classroom, target systems, hand picked instructors and decades of experience.  We also have the support of manufacturers like Colt, FNH USA and others who support our instruction with firearms, training aids and/or range development.


Today our training is heavier at the introductory and intermediate levels. As we continue to grow, you’ll see more advanced training. You’ll also see intensive schools spanning several days and guest trainers who are typically champion shooters and/or world-class instructors.


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