Liberty Range

Liberty Range boasts 10 connected ranges, with spaces varying from 20-40 yards in width and 40-75 yards in length. These ranges are offered specifically to our members and offers an assortment of steel targets and other target stands. With this variety, our members can practice on a variety of target arrays – sure to meet your shooting needs. Just make sure you bring enough ammo – stop by the retail shop to pick some up on the way!

Members Only

Patriot Range

Our Patriot Range is our 1,000-yard range, available to our members. The Patriot Range offers nine professional concrete shooting benches under a covered pavilion. Each lane is covered at the 1,000-yard line with official IBS benches. Additional firing points at 1,000, 600 & 500 yards make this range ideal for F-Class practice, benchrest practice, and long-range rifle training.

Members Only

Frontier Range

Peacemaker’s Frontier Range offers our members the opportunity to shoot down from an elevated position, both under covered and mounted shooting positions. The Frontier Range boasts amazing views of the region’s hilly terrain. Furthermore, this secluded range (a ~10-minute drive from Peacemaker’s retail shop) offers an ideal setting for rentals for your agency or group. The beauty of this range must be seen to be believed!

Note: to ensure member safety, the Frontier Range is open for use on an ‘on call’ basis. Beyond our “Frontier Days,” Peacemaker also offers select trainings at Frontier. Please contact the retail shop for more detail.

Members and Range Rentals Only

Homeplace Range

Our shotgun sports are located on our beautiful Homeplace Range. The Homeplace Range has been set up with a “5 Stand” Sporting Clays course. Our “5 stand” course has 7-8 traps. We frequently change the feel of each course by to give you a wide variety of excellent target presentations.

Please contact the retail shop for our public and member rates.

Note:  Our gun shop typically stocks a variety of shells suitable for use on our ranges and has quality 12 gauge over/under rental shotguns available if you need one. We carry, 12-gauge shells.

Available to the Public, Special Member Pricing

Independence Range

Peacemaker’s Independence Range offers both a rifle range and a pistol bay, open to both members and – for a fee – to the public. Independence’s rifle range offers 18 professional shooting benches, under a covered pavilion, and shooting of 50, 100, 200 & 300 yards. This is an ideal place to sight-in your gun before a hunt or to work on your mid-range aim.  In addition to the rifle range, Independence offers a distinct pistol bay for all of your short-range practice needs. Stop by the retail shop to check in on your way up!

Available to the Public

Starlight Range

Coming Soon!

Members Only

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