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Defensive Handgun Level 1

PNTC offers responsible citizens an affordable world class intro defensive handgun course that takes advantage of many timeless techniques. We incorporate classroom, video, range and incredible simulators along with a key section called “Defensive Mindset.” More than a class PNTC courses will challenge your approach to personal defense.

This specific course focuses on two key skills, “Defensive Mindset” & “Defensive Technique.” Both skills are critical in avoiding a defensive situation and both are equally essential for prevailing should a defensive situation become unavoidable.

You will learn in addition to the importance of the “Defensive Mindset” critical introductory defensive firearms related techniques such as: Drawing, Grip, Appreciation for Distance, Speed of Attackers, Critical Importance Of The Front Site, Trigger Control, Malfunctions, Reloading, Effective Defensive Hits vs Precision Hits, True Bullet Impact Effect, Multiple Attacker Engagements etc.

Finally, this is no “normal day” on the range. In this course you will be presented with extremely realistic defensive situations including barricades, realistic targets, no-shoot targets, introductory stress levels and close / personal instruction from top and qualified Peacemaker National instructors. You should fully expect this challenge your views forever on personal protection and greatly enhance your defensive shooting skills. You’ll also spend time on Peacemaker’s incredible Laser Simulator and experience incredibly realistic attack situations that require you to make critical decisions and use your defensive technique unders stress.

Finally, this course will set an excellent foundation for your development of defensive handgun skills.

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