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Defensive Handgun Level 2

Defensive Handgun Level 2 is a major step forward in teaching students defensive handgun skills relating to variety of violent attacks. You’ll receive instruction from hand picked qualified PNTC, NRA, Marine and or Law enforcement instructors. You’ll watch videos of real defensive situations and be tested on the advanced Lasershot Defensive handgun scenarios. Students will also learn valuable awareness techniques, and will learn appropriate defensive handgun skills from top instructors on world class ranges.

Further you’ll learn advanced techniques that will improve your shooting skills and your ability to shoot and move. Moreover, this specific course also reviews two critical  skills, “Defensive Mindset” & “Defensive Technique.” Both skills are critical in avoiding a defensive situation and both are equally essential for prevailing should a defensive situation become unavoidable.

The course is Simulator and Live Fire Intensive. Finally, you’ll break down into small groups and work on specific skills and defensive Scenarios with a variety of instructors.

You should fully expect this challenge your views forever on personal protection and greatly enhance your defensive shooting skills.  Finally, this course will set an excellent foundation for your development of defensive handgun skills.

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