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Defensive Handgun Level 3

Defensive Handgun Level 3 is for experienced and safe handgun shooters. This course is heavily weighted in skills associated with shooting and moving. This course also focuses on significant drills designed to teach advanced skills which may be used in a defensive situations. You’ll receive instruction from hand picked qualified PNTC, NRA, Marine and or Law enforcement instructors. Here are some of the course training components:

– Safety review and instruction
– Movement and shooting while moving
– Positional shooting and advanced use of cover
– Shooting from and around vehicles
– Close quarters instruction
– Reloading & malfunctions
– Longer range defensive handgun techniques
– Simulated attacks and responses
– Attacker videos, discussion and techniques
– Small group breakout sessions and training

You should fully expect this course challenge your views forever on personal protection and greatly enhance your defensive shooting skills.

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