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Defensive Handgun Vehicle Tactics Level 1

The Defensive Handgun Vehicle Tactics Course provides responsible citizens with a life changing and world class defensive handgun experience. This intensive, one day course will teach you how to fight back from, in and around vehicles. You’ll also use and experience our incredible simulator, which has car jackings, assaults in parking lots and other scenarios involving vehicles! In this course, you’ll start in the classroom, then move to the range for critical live fire range and scenario based drills in, from and around a vehicle. You’ll also see relevant videos of real defensive situations involving vehicles and be tested on the advanced Laser Shot defensive handgun scenarios.

In addition, we’ll discuss and examine bullet penetration on vehicles and examine video showing real tests and proof of bullet penetration. We’ll show how bullet penetration realities help us to determine best practices and defensive tactics. The course is taught by PNTC instructors, NRA, MIL, SWAT and/or Law Enforcement officers.

You should fully expect this course to challenge your views forever on personal protection and greatly enhance your defensive shooting skills.

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