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Intro to Long Range Class Sunday, May 14

The Introduction to Long Range Rifle class is one of the best courses ever created at Peacemaker! The course will begin in the classroom and move immediately to the range, where you’ll shoot out to 900+ yards. You’ll learn the fundamental highlights of long range, including: Drop/Wind Compensation, External Ballistics and Long Range Marksmanship techniques. You’ll also be able to use the incredible Spotting Scopes and Range Finders. In this course, we move deeper into what it takes to make “precision shots” at long range. We look at the entire rifle system, take a deeper look at ammunition quality, projectile data, data charts, optics and field shooting. On the range, you’ll start at 300 yards and shoot in field positions out to 1000+ yards, engaging a variety of targets. At the conclusion of this course, you’ll have true understanding of what it takes to make precision shots at longer ranges and how to make these shots on demand. Also, once you have completed this course, you’ll have a great foundation for learning and growing in long range shooting. Whether you’re a veteran, active duty military, law enforcement, hunter or a beginner just learning the rifle — this is a great place to get “world class”, introductory long range teaching.

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