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Kahles 2Gun Series Match 1 Sunday Squad – 3/15/20

The Kahles 2Gun series is a four match series, designed to be a challenging and affordable set of “one-day” club level matches with up to six stages. Different than 3Gun, the Kahles 2Gun matches require competitors to use slings, utilize close quarters skills and emphasize transition skills between rifle and handgun. Courses of fire are conducted as conducted on square ranges, in natural terrain and on longer distance ranges with targets in some cases appearing at 300, 400 and out to 500 yards. Also, for 2020 and in order to better accommodate the schedules of busy competitors, each match can be shot on either Saturday or Sunday of a given match week provided space is available.

Competitor’s points will be tracked throughout the series. Competitors will also compete over the course of the series for Kahles products and other prizes.

Saturday Squads Match Safety Briefing Starts at 8:45AM Sunday Squads Match Safety Briefing Starts At 10AM Sharp at the Liberty Range. Matches Start Directly after the safety briefings.

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