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PNTC Concealed Carry Course – 2/27/21

Course Overview

In a series of firearms training courses offered at Peacemaker, we worked hard to offer a “World Class” concealed carry course that is far more than just a rubber stamp for you to get a concealed carry permit.

This affordable and practical course is designed to be highly educational and informative regarding the realities of carrying a concealed firearm. Moreover, we dive into the critically important safety issues, along with preparation, awareness, decision making, and handgun marksmanship skills.

In addition to the above course information we worked with local law enforcement, personal defense experts, competition shooters and others to communicate to you their key concerns and recommendations.

In addition to the above content, the Peacemaker concealed carry course will show the new and experienced student how the responsibly, legally armed citizen should always continue to improve their overall Defensive Mindset and Defensive Techniques.

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