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Precision Rimfire Competition Level 1 – 5/8/21

Course Overview

In the past few years PNTC Launched the exciting new sport of PRC (Practical Rimfire Challenge) now PRS Rimfire. Recently the sport has developed into several field precision shooting tournaments at PNTC sponsored by Lapua. In this form of shooting competitors assume a variety of field shooting positions and engage target from 30 to 300+ yards! The sport is a precision rifle event restricted to 22LR. We shoot out to or over 300 yards and in positions from standing, kneeling supported and prone. Most people compete with a bolt action or semi-auto rifle with magnified optics that have the ability to dial or precisely hold over out to 300 yards.

With the demand for a long range precision rimfire school PNTC is now offering an exciting long range rimfire shooting school. If you are interested in learning or improving your long range shooting or competition skills this is the school for you!

We will help you with shooting instruction, helpful live fire drills, positional shooting instruction, use of props and barricades, bag use, actual stages of fire and demonstrations. We’ll also of help you with your equipment and explain how to set it up and what to do with it once you get to the match.

Bring out your 22LR rifle and give it a try. We’ll help you with your elevations and get you on target!

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